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Collaboration Meets Impact

100KForGhana, an organization focused on Impact Funding Initiatives across various industrial sectors in Ghana. Our mission is to create a thriving economy by providing meaningful job opportunities and better access to healthcare, education and personal development for Ghanaians.

We believe in the power of collaboration. We welcome corporate support and partnerships to drive sustainable growth in Ghana's Industrial Sector.

Our Impact in Ghana

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Free Health Screening in Adidome

100KForGhana organized a free health screening event in Adidome and its environs. The purpose was to provide health check-ups to residents and promote well-being during the festive season.

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Empowering Youth Through Kente Weaving

100KForGhana is recruiting youth for our Kente Weaving Center at Kpetoe. Through training, we aim to empower them with valuable skills in the intricate art of Kente weaving, preserving Ghanaian culture while providing employment opportunities.

Meet Our Team.

Our dedicated team of experts who drive our mission forward

Latest Updates

Stay up-to-date with our latest news, success stories, and insights. Explore our blog articles to learn more about our projects, impact, and the transformation happening in Ghana's Industrial Sector.

Project 10 10 10

In Project 10 10 10, we empower communities in Ghana's Mushroom Cultivation, Fertilizer Production, and Woven Fabric Manufacturing sectors. With targeted initiatives in three regions, we create sustainable jobs, improve livelihoods, and uplift local economies.


We envisage average Ghanaians flourishing in a country with high standards of living and providing for their families and society. We aim to represent ourselves at the global stage, backed by the growth of our industrial revolution, gained through the success of donations to 100KForGhana. The funding will be used to strategically build our industrial sector. To be a disruptor by implementing tangible and sustainable solutions. This is the transformation we aim to implement.


Our Sponsors

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