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  • What are the top 3 things people want implemented in Ghana?
    We believe the answer to that are better education systems, better healthcare and meaningful jobs. Which is why are focused in solving the jobs issue. In our opinion, once people are paid liveable wages, it should give them better access to healthcare and education.
  • Are you a think tank?
    100KForGhana is not a think tank. We are a group of experienced individuals with a zeal to make a lasting impact across Ghana by finding innovative means to support the 99% of Ghanaians.
  • Are you a political organisation?
    100KForGhana is apolitical.
  • Are you a union?
    100KForGhana is not a union not affiliated to any existing unions. However we do understand the overall benefits of unionisation for workers, which is something we encourage.
  • What makes you different from other organisations?
    Our innovative means to source donations with the primary goal to enrich the average Ghanaian's life is our unique selling point. Coupled with our zeal to build Ghana's industrial sector in order for us to be recognised in the global trade economy.
  • Can I see where the money goes?
    Transparency is part of our bedrock policy and we aim to ensure our accounts, projects and planning are shared with our key stakeholders.
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