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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In December 2021 100KForGhana will implement our genesis projects across three regions of Ghana, in three industries, putting in place 3 sets of 10 candidates into employment.

One of our strategic partners runs a mushroom farm in Greater Accra. As per the typical challenge most businesses face in Ghana, certainly in the AgriBusinesses sector - access to adequate finance without enormous interest rate - stunting growth, with ripple effect to the wider job market.

We will leverage the great work our parter has been doing on the ground by supporting them with a donation to sustain their expansion and employment of our candidates.

Project 10 - Mushroom Farm In Greater Accra Region

The mushroom crop market alongside the overall agriculture market has had a steady climb of over 4.5% in annual revenues across Ghana.

We are planning to get 10 individuals into this space of agriculture via a methodical recruitment process in identifying those who are keen to learn how this aspect of the farming business operates.

Our strategic partner who owns the small scale mushroom farm in Greater Accra will take on the selected 10 to work with them.

The 10 will be skilled up and equipped with the necessary tools and training required to be part of the team - coupled with the most competitive liveable wages in the sector, with the view for the 10 to be self sufficient in a matter of years.

As one our genesis projects, 100KForGhana will ensure the correct measures and KPI's are tracked and will continue to scope out means to expand employment and output of the employees and our partner.

Kindly donate to this project and our future initiatives.

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